The Ultimate Mac and Cheese Recipe Collection

6 Secrets to Mac and Cheese Perfection

1. Use pasta with complex shapes
Pasta with curved, scrunched, or hollow shapes work best to hold the cheese for even flavor and maximum cheese distribution.

2. Season your macaroni when cooking
Add a few pinches of salt to the water when cooking. Consider using kosher or sea salt to avoid the metallic tinge that sometimes accompanies iodized salt.

3. Use great cheese and grate the cheese
French cheese is known the world over as being the best and the most flavorful. For semi-hard and hard cheeses grate them first to speed up melting.

4. Make a sauce
By melting the cheeses and cream together first, you can easily gauge the core flavor of your masterpiece. Be sure to use more than one cheese melted together to create a custom symphony of flavor.

5. Consider adding a protein
Lobster, crab, ground beef, bacon, be creative. You really can’t go wrong, and 99% of the time something really goes right!

6. Serve with a cold brew
Beer offers a delightful balance of golden hops and bubbles and pairs naturally with the warmth and comfort of any mac and cheese dish. A couple of our favorites are an American lager or a Belgian ale.

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Perfect for a holiday table or just for when you're in the mood for some comfort food, our Baked Camembert & Comté Mac features crispy Bayonne Ham and a sprinkling of baguette breadcrumbs.

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Level up your classic broccoli mac n' cheese with rich, savory bites of Brie and Mimolette. It takes no extra time but will make a huge impact!

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The tangy sweetness of roasted garlic is a delicious balance to the nutty, earthy elements of Mimolette and French Emmental. Combine the two in this velvety Mac & Fromage and you have an instant gourmet dish!

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