The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Recipe Collection

6 Secrets to Grilled Cheese Perfection

1. Use French Butter.
With a higher smoke point and butter fat content, French butter makes the bread golden and crispy.

2. Butter the bread not the pan.
Be liberal with the butter and lightly toast one side of the bread before flipping and adding cheese.

3. Choose fresh hearty bread sliced ½ inch thick.
This thickness keeps the butter-to-bread ratio at its tasty perfection.

4. If you use a hard or semi-hard cheese, grate it first.
Grated cheese melts much easier and allows you to create gooey goodness without burning the bread.

5. Griddle low and slow.
Be patient, use low heat. You want to toast the bread to a golden brown and give the cheese time to melt into the pan.

6. Timing is everything with add-ons.
Add things like ham or prosciutto early, but fresh herbs, tomato, or apple slices should be added just before serving.

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Country King Grilled Cheese with Brie

Made with Brie (“The King of Cheese”) and country dry-cured bacon, this toasty, tasty grilled cheese is a royal comfort.

Pairs with Farmhouse Ale
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French Onion Grilled Cheese with Comté

Warm and savory like its namesake soup, this earthy combo of Comte Cheese with sautéed mushrooms and onions will satisfy your hunger as well as your soul.

Pairs with IPA
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The Money Grilled Cheese with Fourme d'Ambert

Rich, creamy Fourme d’Ambert melted over smoked country bacon and topped with fig jam. This grilled fromage is more than just a wealth of flavor, it’s money.

Pairs with Stout
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Triple Crème de la Crème Grilled Cheese

Can decadence be an art form? With Triple Crème balanced by fresh basil and strawberries balanced by a Balsamic drizzle… I’m sorry, what was the question?

Pairs with Golden Ale
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Two-Cheese Double-Down Grilled Cheese

Raclette and Mimolette, two of France’s tastiest cheeses, melted together in a pan and dripped over Bayonne Ham. If that doesn’t make you hit the “see recipe” button, nothing will.

Pairs with Pilsner
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