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Produced in three sizes of differing ages, Cantal's tangy, buttery taste varies with its age. Younger versions are sweet, while the more aged Cantals have a stronger, hazelnut-tinged flavor. Melted into casserole dishes, Cantal goes well with bold, fruity red wines or even Champagne.

Origin Auvergne, France

Production & Aging Produced in three sizes of differing ages (30 days, 2–6 months, and more than 6 months)

Appearance Firm to the touch with a soft yellow (young) or gray-gold rind

Taste & Texture Semi-hard texture; young cheese is sweet while the more aged cheese has a stronger, hazelnut-tinged flavor

Wine Pairing Suggestions Beaujolais

Beer Pairing Suggestions Pilsner

Similar Cheeses Abondance, Comté

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