The Ultimate Cheese Board Recipe Collection

6 Secrets to Cheese Board Perfection

1. Choose 3-4 types of cheese varied from mild to strong
Create a flavor spectrum that increases in strength. You want your guests to move along the cheese board starting with mild and ending with stronger flavors.

2. Mix things up with a variety of colors and textures 
Instantly dial up the visual appeal of your cheese board by choosing cheeses of various colors then keep them coming back for more by offering a variety of textures. From creamy to semi-hard to hard, each bite should be different than the next.

3. The cheeses are the heroes of your creation
Start by placing all 4 cheeses on your cheese board first (cut and diced as appropriate) then fill in the empty space with your pairings. Remember to save a little wiggle room for easy serving. 

4. Add fruits and nuts
Almonds, cashews, honey roasted cashews, or pistachios. 
As far as the fruits, grapes are always great, blackberries, strawberries, figs or any dried fruit.

5. Add some meat
Pick out a couple of cured meats to pair with the cheese. Consider things like salty Prosciutto de Parma and Italian Dry Salami.

6. Remember the vehicle
You need a few ingredients that the cheese can be served on. Things like toasted baguettes, crackers, or breadsticks are great to include.

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Your new favorite! This cheese sampler features 4 luscious fromages and 3 different types of olive, as well as Jambon Bayonne and dried fruit. Serve this up to your pod and you'll have them saying... Comté Papa.

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Don't feel up to cooking? This weekday-friendly cheeseboard is packed with the creamiest, nuttiest, sharpest and most flavorful fromages sure to delight you and your family. With the addition of Jambon Bayonne, it's a perfect dinner for an easy night with minimal cleanup.

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Can't travel right now? Give your tastebuds a weekend getaway with the sumptuous taste of Mimolette, Fourme d'Ambert, Pont l'Évêque and Emmental (and a little fresh fruit to boot). 

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